Seafood for the Future (SFF) Full Partners are committed to responsible seafood sourcing. Their menus are evaluated quarterly by SFF to ensure the most up-to-date recommendations. SFF also requires copies of the most recent invoices at the time of evaluation to improve transparency and accountability.


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Seafood for the Future Full Partner 



19696 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 963-3900


About SlapFish

SlapFish offers a new perspective on “boat to plate” dining by serving the freshest fish and shellfish sourced from well-managed, responsible suppliers of sustainable seafood.
Recently named the Best Seafood Restaurant in the OC by the OC Register, SlapFish brings you real American seafood dishes with simple flavors and a healthy slap of FRESH in a fast-casual setting.
In the end, sustainable tastes better!
SlapFish is dedicated to supporting local fishermen and farmers where they can. Look for daily chalkboard specials featuring local and responsible seafood items.


Seafood for the Future recommends:

Oysters on the Half

Oysters – Responsibly farmed at Carlsbad Aquafarm in Southern California

Albacore Tuna Tostada / Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna “Melt”

Pacific albacore – Pole-and-troll caught in the US Pacific

Clam Chowder / Chowder Fries

Clams – Responsibly farmed in the Northeastern US

Clobster Cake

Dungeness crab – Trap/pot caught in the Pacific Northwest

Fish and Chips / Major Crunchy / Fish Taco

Cape Capensis hake – Trawl/longline caught in South Africa

Lobsticle / Lobster Quesadilla / Spicy Lobster-Shrimp Grinder

American lobster – Trap caught in the US Atlantic

Salmon Sandwich (wild pink)

Pink salmon – Gillnet caught in Alaska

Salmon Sandwich (farmed Atlantic)

Atlantic salmon – Responsibly farmed by Marine Harvest in British Columbia, Cananda


White shrimp – Best Aquaculture Practices Certified farm in Thailand

Tacos / Features

MahiMahi – Longline caught in the Mexican Pacific

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