The issue of sustainable seafood affects all of us. Whether we are consumers, fishermen, chefs, restaurateurs, fish retailers, wholesale distributors or scientists, we all have a stake in sustainability, marine stewardship and preserving the health of our oceans’ ecosystems. And with it, we have the opportunity to shape the future of seafood.


Seafood for the Future (SFF) is a non-profit seafood advisory and promotion program of the Aquarium of the Pacific. SFF’s mission is to promote healthy and responsible seafood choices. We’re building a network of businesses – restaurants, distributors, and producers – that are committed to providing better seafood choices from well-managed fisheries or farms.

At the heart of the program are the marketing resources of the Aquarium of the Pacific. SFF recognizes that the supply and demand for seafood can be influenced through incentives, marketing, and providing rewards for adopting better practices. Partners at every step of the supply chain have a chance to be featured at our events, festivals, dinners, and in our literature. Their business ultimately increases as more consumers look for great food from environmentally conscious businesses.

Consumers have the power to influence sourcing with their wallets. SFF’s new partner website makes it easy to choose responsible seafood at participating restaurants. Special promotions are also available at participating restaurants in the form of discounted Aquarium admission, giving consumers an opportunity to learn about ocean stewardship at the Aquarium and become part of our community of concerned citizens and seafood lovers. These promotions are subject to availability and will be announced on this website and SFF social media when they are available.

A Note On Funding: Seafood for the Future is a program of the nonprofit Aquarium of the Pacific that relies on outside funding to maintain and further its efforts to promote healthy and responsible seafood. Any funds and/or sponsorships given to the program have no bearing on the scientific decision-making process on issues of sustainability for Seafood for the Future.

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