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Recent Developments

Hello fellow sustainable seafood advocates!

Seafood for the Future has undergone a great deal of changes in the last few months! Los Angeles Magazine recently named our program the best “Earth Changer” in L.A. for our efforts in helping Southern California businesses become more environmentally sound. We’ve participated in events like the Aquarium’s Urban Ocean Festival and Top Fish Long Beach, have been called upon by one of the largest distributors in America to help them build a sustainable seafood program, and have been fostering relationships between our communities’ fishermen and Southern California end-users to encourage transparency and traceability in our local market.

Our continual goal is to provide you with the most up to date information on seafood recommendations, providing a new level of transparency that highlights our partnership with FishWatch, and continually adding new partners where you can enjoy well-managed seafood or pick up some fresh seafood to use with one of our new recipes.

Now for the news:

Andrew Gruel, former Program Manager of Seafood for the Future, has gone on to open his own sustainable seafood restaurant concept SlapFish. You may have seen his food truck making waves across Southern California and we are very proud to count SlapFish among our partner restaurants where you can chow down guilt- and worry-free. Even with his new responsibilities, Andrew is committed to remaining active within the Seafood for the Future program. Learn more about Andrew’s new venture here:

I, Melissa Carrasquillo (just call me Mel), have been bestowed the honor of taking up Andrew Gruel’s post here at Seafood for the Future. You can learn more about my experience advocating for the use of responsibly sourced seafood in our Team Profile section of the website. In short, I’m a lover of factual information, sustainable fishing communities, and delicious, well-managed food, just like you! I am so excited to have this incredible opportunity to converse with all of you who take the time to consider where your seafood comes from and the impact the choices you make have on our world’s oceans.

Andrew Gruel & Dave Anderson have built an incredible foundation for us to build upon here at Seafood for the Future! Here are some of the improvements you can find on the site today:

More seafood species have been added to our recommendations page. In light of recent data, fisheries like the Pacific Common Thresher Shark have rebounded in terms of their biomass (the amount of fish in the fishery) and are now being harvested at sustainable levels.

We’ve also added management details to each of our recommendations, where relevant, to highlight our partnership with FishWatch and the great strides effective fishery management can make in rebounding fisheries and keeping them sustainable! Simply click on the picture of the fish or the species name and you will be redirected to the corresponding FishWatch profile of that fishery.

We’ve added over 20 new partners to the Seafood for the Future program! Check out our newest restaurants like Royal Hawaiian, Scott’s Restaurant, and K’ya Bistro, partner distributors like Santa Monica Seafood, and brand partners like PureFish! In the month of July alone, over 3,400 guests experienced the Aquarium of the Pacific for FREE just by visiting one of our partner restaurants and ordering a sustainable seafood dish!

We’ve updated our recipes to include our newest recommendations! Try Chef David Keller of Kavikas’ dangerously irresistible Thresher Shark Skewers.

We’re also working on a number of new initiatives and will be sure to update the blog often as they progress. Most of all, we know it isn’t easy being green, so send us your questions and we’ll answer them here. My email is (sorry I know it’s terribly long!). I look forward to hearing from you, learning from you, and helping Southern California become more environmentally conscious of their choices with respect to our oceans with your help!

All my best,


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  1. Andrew says:

    Great Stuff Mel!!! Can’t wait to continue following this awesome program with you at the helm.

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